The President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, announced today that from July foreign tourists will be able to visit Spain in “security conditions”, a decision that seeks to bring tranquility to the tourism sector, one of the engines of the Spanish economy.

In addition, Sánchez confirmed that the professional soccer league will return on June 8, and that next week his government will approve a minimum vital income that will benefit 850,000 families.

He also announced that on Tuesday, official mourning will be declared for ten days throughout the country for the victims of the local coronavirus outbreak, which has already caused more than 28,600 deaths.

“It will be the longest mourning in the history of our democracy,” he stressed.

The head of the Spanish coalition government made the announcements shortly after thousands of supporters of the far-right party Vox in the main cities of Spain demanded his resignation, in unprecedented protest from their vehicles, honking horns and waving Spanish flags.

“The great wave of the pandemic has been overcome,” said the socialist leader, who appears weekly by videoconference to report on the evolution of the coronavirus crisis as well as the decisions his government is making in this regard.

Sánchez recalled that as of Monday, all of Spain will already be in phase 1 or 2 of the unconfinement plan, with which the country is “one step away from victory,” he said, adding that the virus “continues to lurk” .

However, the president stressed that the country is in a position to “recover many daily activities”, hence the Spanish professional soccer league will return on June 8.

“The ball will roll again,” Sánchez confirmed two weeks after the clubs, including Argentina’s Lionel Messi ‘s FC Barcelona, ​​began training with the uncertainty of when they would effectively resume the competition.

On the other hand, clearing one of the great unknowns of the de-escalation plan, he also announced that “from July the entry of tourists in safe conditions will resume.”

“The government will guarantee that tourists do not take risks or bring risks,” said Sánchez, who specified that “Spanish tourism will have two new seals: environmental sustainability and health security.”

In the same way, Sánchez made it clear that in early July the Spanish will have “a freedom of mobility that will allow them to enjoy their holidays”, encouraging citizens to start making plans in this regard.

Likewise, a socialist leader maintained that the government is aware that the outbreak of the pandemic originated in China last December left “a Spain of families at risk of poverty and vulnerability”, and that, for this reason, a Minimum Vital Income will be approved , without specifying the amount.

However, he clarified that it will be a permanent aid, which will begin to be collected in June and will benefit 850,000 families.