Spain: two dead in fire in warehouse occupied by migrants

The fire started around 9:00 p.m. (8:00 p.m. GMT) in a brownfield site in the Catalan town of Badalone (northeast) on the outskirts of Barcelona where between 100 and 200 migrants lived in precarious conditions, according to municipal authorities.

Firefighters said on their Twitter account that they had found two bodies inside the warehouse and warned of the risk of the building collapsing.

“We located 60 people, but many came out through the back windows and left. They are perhaps more than a hundred to be out”, declared Wednesday evening the mayor of Badalone, Xavier Garcia Albiol.

Images broadcast by local television or social media showed huge flames coming out of the building and several people, hanging from windows, trying to escape.

The head of the Catalan health authority, Alba Vergés, said there were 17 injured, two of them in critical condition. Several people were injured after jumping from the building to escape the blaze.

“I am deeply sorry for the loss of human life and I thank the emergency services for their work which saved dozens of people from the flames,” Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said on his Twitter account Thursday morning.

Twenty-six firefighters were still at work Thursday morning to control the blaze.

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