With the Spanish flag as a banner, thousands of supporters of the far-right Vox party took to the streets in the main cities of Spain today by car and motorcycle to protest in caravan against the progressive government of Pedro Sánchez for their management of the coronavirus crisis .

The first mobilization of this type coordinated at the national level by Vox comes amid the population deconfusion process started two weeks ago after controlling the local coronavirus outbreak, which so far has left more than 28,600 dead in the country.

Emulating the “trumpista” protests that took place in the United States to ask for the lifting of the confinement, hundreds of people, most of them with their masks on, go out with their vehicles in the capitals of the province of Spain to the cry of “Freedom!” and “Government resignation”.

From Madrid, along with other leaders on a convertible bus with the slogan “FaseLiberty”, Santiago Abascal, the leader of Vox, spoke to protesters across Spain by radio and YouTube to inflame their outrage, launching serious accusations against Sánchez and his Second Vice President, Pablo Iglesias, of the United We Can Party (UP).

“The threat to the freedom of Spain is carried out by an illegitimate government that has become a criminal government, incapable of protecting its people,” said Abascal, whose words echoed inside vehicles in different parts of the country.

Sánchez “has left the elderly to die” or “has treated children worse than dogs,” stressed the ultra leader, who believes that the situation in Spain is “more serious” than when the “separatist coup” of Catalonia in 2017.

Hence Abascal encouraged his supporters to continue taking to the streets to “defend the unity of Spain, its future and its freedom.”

The harangue included the recurring accusations of the far-right argument, repeated by the militants, who warn of the alleged “totalitarian and sectarian” intentions of the Spanish Government, which they describe as “social communist”.

With its call at the national level, Vox sought to capitalize on the incipient discontent that with the days spread to other neighborhoods and cities, mainly among followers of the right and extreme right, seizing the initiative from the conservative Popular Party (PP), and main force opponent of the government.

In the streets of Barcelona, ​​as protesters passed, verbal confrontations and moments of great tension took place between Vox’s followers and their detractors, who threw eggs, corks with nails to puncture the wheels of vehicles and shouted at them: ” Out with fascists. “

“Fascism is also a virus,” said Gabriel Rufíán, spokesman for the independence party Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya (ERC), on Twitter, where he shared images of the Vox caravan in Barcelona.

President Sánchez, for his part, avoided confronting Vox supporters: “They are free to mobilize as they see fit, as long as the criteria of the health authorities are respected,” he assured.

The socialist leader also denied that there has been an increase in social tension due to the coronavirus crisis and stressed that “messages of hatred and will go are minorities” in Spain, after some government officials, including Vice President Pablo Churches have been the target of escraches by militants of the extreme right.