Special guests, little hygiene, another villain and the best memes of MasterChef Mexico

Friday finally arrived, the day most anticipated by all the fans of MasterChef Mexico 2020, who again did not disappoint by sharing memes who accompanied us throughout the transmission.

The first moment of the episode of November 13, MasterChef Mexico, which surprised everyone, was Itzel’s classist comment, who hinted that she had more knowledge in the kitchen than Isabel because her partner is “indigenous”.

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But Isabel kept Itzel’s mouth in the best possible way: cooking.

With an excellent dish, Isabel went up to the balcony at that moment, while Itzel (with all and bad faces) was cooking.

This chapter also had the special participation of the renowned chef Fernando Stovell, who was accompanied by Alana and Diego, winners of MasterChef Junior.

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The presence of chef Stovell, who in past seasons had also appeared as a guest judge of MasterChef, greatly pleased the networks.

However, that was not the case for Alana and Diego …

Most favorite moment was when Chef Stovell failed the chef’s plating Adrian Herrera, who dipped his hands into the saucer of some contestants.

Furthermore, Stovell preferred not to taste the dish after Herrera touched the food.

And Erubiel?

Although Itzel did her best to be the show’s No. 1 villain, Erubiel was not far behind and throughout the episode she was scolded for having poor cooking hygiene.

However, both Erubiel and Itzel were saved and will continue on the show, while Gonzalo said goodbye to MasterChef’s kitchen.

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