Sport Weekend brand: Mireia Belmonte: “I like impossible challenges”

Sport Weekend brand The best Spanish swimmer in history, beyond the limits

Mireia Belmonte poses for MARCA during an interview. David ramirez

Mireia Belmonte has never set limits and the obstacles that she has encountered along the way have transformed them into a motivation to keep going, they have never been a brake. I learned to live with them since I was little. “We always have a lot of difficulties and obstacles that we want to overcome. Apart from sports, which I have had to overcome many, too. asthma and chlorine allergy. I remember that The first day he entered the pool when he was 4 years old, he already suffered it. So we did not know it was a chlorine allergy, it was very strange because I had a cold all year. Years went by, we did medical tests and we saw what that was. Asthma came a little later, in 2008. Whatever goal we set ourselves is never going to be easy to achieve, “says the best Spanish swimmer of all time.

The goal that has been set now is revalidate the Olympic gold in the 200 m butterfly at the Tokyo Games, his fourth consecutive Olympic event. No woman, since this test is Olympic (Mexico 1968), has achieved it. “It is very difficult because no one has done it in history. No one had won gold at the age of 25, as I did in Ro. It is very difficult but I like to seek new challenges, I like impossible challenges and there we are training so that happen or stay as close as possible, “he acknowledges with a smile.

To make it, he trains eight hours a day from Monday to Friday, five in the water, which is about 16-18 km a day. The rest of the time they complete it with core exercises, weights, bodybuilding and crossfit to work the strength and the bottom. In addition to taking care of food and rest. “We are athletes 24 hours a day,” he remembers.

In spite of have won it all (four Olympic medals and 40 between World and European, with short pool), has not lost an iota of ambition and that competitive character which has led it to be the best in history in Spain. “The first medal was with 6 7 years in a championship in Catalonia. There was only one test, I think the 100 styles in a 25-meter pool. I did not go in the last series, the one of the best, but in the previous one. gan and When they gave me the silver medal, I didn’t want to take it because I thought I had won and they had to give me the gold.. It had been such a good time that she had beaten all of the last series, except the one that took the gold. So imagine how competitive she was since she was little ““, counts between laughs.

And what remains of the Mireia of the beginnings in the current Mireia? “The desire to compete, competitiveness, always wanting to be the best and never giving up,” she says with conviction.

That attitude has also helped him cope a 2020 marked by the pandemic and uncertainty. In fact, he has yet to compete. “It’s difficult because you have to put in even more of your part and more extra motivation, but I think in the end you have to look ahead and, it seems that if everything goes well, there will be Olympic Games, so you have to focus on that goal. come two or three pandemics, it is key to continue with the same desire, be constant and keep the goal in mind, “he says.

I have come out of the pandemic much stronger, it has not been easy but it has been a good learning process “

Mireia Belmonte, Olympic champion in 200m butterfly

“I have come out of the pandemic much stronger, stronger, you have to see the positive part. It has not been easy but it has been a good learning process,” he adds. Belmonte is one of those who prefers to always see a glass half full, that’s how she has postponement of the Games to next summer. “We have one more year to train. We’ve never had a five-year Olympics, it’s always four. We have more time to perfect and continue training and gaining fitness level. You always have to look at it on the positive side, “he insists.

She dreams of being able to be a flag bearer. “Being at the opening would be a very nice experience because I have never been. I watched the first 20 minutes or half an hour on television and I would go to sleep because the next day it is full in the morning. This time, as the swimming qualifiers begin with the afternoon the next day, see if I’m lucky and I can go. If I can be a standard bearer, I couldn’t ask for more“, he acknowledges smiling.