Spotify also has its own voice assistant – Explica .co

04/08/2021 at 09:48 CEST

Antonio Vallejo Taslimi

Spotify has been working on a feature for a while to be able to use the application using voice commands. In this way, we could use the platform as if it were an intelligent assistant. This feature has been made available to a limited number of users as part of the company’s testing.

Users of both Android as well as iOS are getting this feature. A push notification has alerted them to test this function. The initial intention of Spotify was to use a series of commands to play music while we were in the car. Remember that the application already offers a special mode for when we drive, with a much simpler and larger interface that facilitates interaction. The commands would thus allow control without the need to touch the device. For this it is enough to say ‘Hey spotify‘, followed by what we want to reproduce or do.

Based on the latest rumors, this is likely indicative of the release of a new hardware by the special company for installation in vehicles. We will have to wait to see how the issue progresses, since for the moment Spotify has been absent regarding the issue.

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