Spread your legs! Celia Lora shows a black body of alienation – Latest News, Breaking News, Top News Headlines

Spread your legs!  Celia Lora shows a black body of alienation (Instagram)

Spread your legs! Celia Lora shows a black body of alienation | Instagram

The businesswoman and influencer Celia lora He shared some photos where he appears showing a beautiful black lace bodysuit while opening his legs a little to do it, perhaps showing something more.

The daughter of Álex Lora, in addition to being a well-known influencer, is also a model, businesswoman and presenter, she has won the affection of the public thanks to her personality and character one of the most recent projects in which she participated was being the Boss in Acapulco shore recognized MTV reality show company with which he later collaborated on other projects.

For years the name of Celia lora He became famous, unfortunately at the beginning it was thanks to his father’s name, after the scandals in which he was involved, although little by little he was getting ahead, he quickly became a personality loved by Internet users and sought after on social networks especially for the natural content he tended to share.

Followed by being known for her completely natural figure Celia Lora began a career as a model thus gaining popularity among entertainment and especially in social networks, as time passed more television programs wanted to interview her and learn more about her, it was So she began to gain fame and be sought after by various personalities as well as companies to promote their products.

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Become a public figure and influencer in Mexico, she decided to launch her own private page in which in exchange for a monthly amount she publishes adult content, something like an OnlyFans.

In her photos she appears sitting in a black armchair, in the first image she is sitting facing forward with her legs slightly spread, wearing long boots and the black bodysuit The lace she is wearing has long transparent sleeves, one of her hands is in the middle of her legs so she does not show anything else.


What we can see is part of the muscles of his legs, in addition to the fact that his enormous charms are visible to his admirers.

@celi_lora makes her fans fall in love with long boots and a black lace bodysuit “, description of the publication.

The young businesswoman has had the opportunity to be the cover of Play Boy magazine, its numbers being the best sellers given the promotion that she has done when the printed magazines are already on sale.

Celia lora She is already quite a personality who managed to take advantage of her popularity to venture into the world of entrepreneurship, as she decided to launch her own line of women’s swimsuits with huge charms just like her, who admitted that she was doing quite well.

So much has been the success and popularity of Celia Lora that she has been invited to participate in reality shows. The last in which we saw her was “Barak the experiment” next to Lizbeth Rodríguez with whom she has become very close, in addition to 4 other personalities and influencers from Mexico.

Recently, she also decided to launch her own YouTube channel, which has been quite successful, especially because we can learn a little more about her personality and listen to her talk about topics of interest that not everyone speaks as naturally as she does. he does and especially with his guests who end up sharing some secrets.

No doubt Celia lora She is quite a character, everyone who knows her immediately takes love and admiration for her, she is an extremely interesting woman who is worth knowing beyond her daring photos and videos.

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