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Pedro Dominguez

Mexico City / 02.23.2021 07:52:10

The coronavirus pandemic in Mexico has shown a downward trend for six weeks, reported the federal Secretary of Health, Jorge Alcocer Varela, who noted that both infections and the number of hospitalizations have decreased.

« For six weeks the active cases of the disease, estimated and recovered people show a clear sustained decline. They constitute only 2 percent -47 thousand 168 Mexicans- with active disease, « he said.

During La Mañanera, the official pointed out that, regarding national hospitalization, there are 34 percent of beds available, both general and hospitalization. None of the 32 states has the risk indicator of more than 70 hospital occupancy, and only the State of Mexico, Puebla and Mexico City have less than 50 percent of their beds available.

Regarding the application of the vaccines to count the covid-19, Alcocer indicated that yesterday 38 thousand 790 doses were applied, which add up to one million 733 thousand 404 people who have received the antigen.

« There are the elderly, we have advance of 70 percent according to the latest vaccination quota, with a total applied of 604,110 people. (…) LThe strategy requires us to take special care for safety and this is proven. Only 0.4 percent have had a side effect attributable to vaccination, « he explained.


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