Star Wars reveals the big difference between Darth Vader and Kylo Ren

While it is true that the sequel trilogy of Star Wars explained how Kylo Ren idolized Darth Vader, the franchise has taken it upon itself to confirm that the two are vastly different, following a direct comparison on how they became the Dark Side of the Force.

As he recalls a report published on the website of screen rantLike his grandfather Anakin Skywalker, Ben Solo was corrupted by Emperor Palpatine as Snoke after being seduced by the Dark Side while studying to become a Jedi with his uncle Luke Skywalker.

Two members of the same family were turned to the Dark Side by the same Sith Lord and both became incredibly powerful as a result, leading fans to assume that Darth Vader and Kylo Ren are similar. But the methods behind how each sought to increase his strength are the exact opposite.

The big difference between Darth Vader and Kylo Ren

The report cites the comic Star Wars: Hidden Empire #4 by Charles Soule and Steven Cummings, in which Darth Vader and the Emperor are preparing for their final battle against the Crimson Dawn after learning that Qi’ra has Fermata’s cage. in his power.

The Emperor asks Vader to cross the blades of a lightsaber with him as a training exercise, as it has been some time since Palpatine has used the weapon in combat. Just before the training session ended, Vader had the perfect opportunity to deliver the killing shot and end Palpatine’s life right then and there, but he didn’t do it, which is something Kylo Ren can’t say.

In Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi, Kylo Ren assassinates Snoke the first chance he gets and he does it because he believes the Sith was holding him back.

Rather, Darth Vader believes that his master’s cruelty is what continues to make him stronger by the day and this issue explicitly shows that Vader won’t kill Palpatine even when given the chance.

Interestingly, Vader is seen as an epic master of the Dark Side, while Kylo Ren is portrayed as an immature warrior who suffers from fits of rage when things don’t go his way. However, it is Kylo who exhibits the most independence in seeking power from him. Here is the big difference between the two.