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Mars has also surrendered with the bat.

Photo: Todd Kirkland / Getty Images

The Dominican Starling Mars It’s one of the few reasons the Miami Marlins have had to enjoy the start of the 2021 season. The Marlins lost for the sixth time in seven games, but at least they can boast a masterful play on defense that “Tato” gave them.

Marte caught a line drive to center field in a tricky inning as the Mets had loaded the bases. Easily it could be a base sweeper hit, but the Dominican avoided it. Calculating, and with the sun in front of him, he positioned himself in an excellent way to be able to catch the ball with a jump.

He had no support whatsoever. A slight miscalculation would have meant the worst for the Marlins. The exclamation of the local fans says it all. Astonishment at a play with a high level of difficulty.

Starling mars Not only has he collaborated with his defense, but with the wood he has also asserted his position as third in the lineup. He has 8 hits in the season, and an average of .308, with two RBIs.

Not finding people on base is taking its toll on him and his Marlins, who will have to get the rhythm right soon if they don’t want to be off the hook early in the postseason fight year.

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