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How much do you know about mandarins? Discover all the flavor of the Orri variety

The entry of the new year is the ideal time to take advantage of the benefits of mandarins. A fruit rich in vitamin C, such as orange, appropriate in diets, to replace fluids after playing sports or to keep hypertension at bay. And, above all, it is a perfect snack, either as a dessert or to snack between meals, any occasion is good because they are easy to peel and carry in your backpack or purse. In fact, for this last reason it has become one of the favorite citrus fruits for children. But if there is a mandarin whose flavor, texture and firmness stands out above all, it is the Orri variety. VIEW GALLERY Why is mandarin our favorite fruit? When an Orri is tasted, words and arguments are unnecessary, and it is no longer necessary to convince anyone of the benefits of consuming it. Its quality and delicious flavor have led it to be considered the queen of mandarins. And it is that the world of citrus fruits is living a great moment because we are going through a few months in which the body makes more use of its richness in antioxidant vitamins. In this way, it becomes an indisputable ally of defenses against the flu. In addition to vitamin C, mandarins also have a large dose of potassium, essential for muscle activity, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and phosphorus. Its fiber helps prevent constipation and cardiovascular disease. The Orri mandarin has an intense orange color and is slightly flattened. Its skin, easy to peel, is firm and very resistant, which provides it with excellent conservation in a natural way. Its pulp is juicy, with turgid segments of delicious flavor that contain a large amount of juice. Its high levels of soluble solids (between 14 ° and 15 ° Brix) together with its perfectly balanced acid content, provide it with a unique flavor. We share two very simple recipes to make so that you can easily incorporate this delicious food into your dishes. Take note! OUR RECIPE: ORRI TANGERINE CHOCOLATES SEE GALLERY Ingredients: Orri tangerines Dark chocolate Preparation: We peel our Orri mandarin and peel it off. We melt chocolate according to the manufacturer’s instructions. With the help of a skewer or a fork, we bathe the segments in the chocolate. We can give it a crunchy touch by sprinkling toasted cornflake powders on top. Star tip Dark chocolate combines best with the sweetness of Orri mandarin. OUR RECIPE: ORRI MANDARIN ICE CUBES SEE GALLERY A tasty and healthy way to refresh ourselves with water are the delicious mandarin cubes. Let yourself be surprised by this easy and rich recipe so that you can consume fruits in a different way: Preparation Peel and peel an Orri and place the segments in a freezer bag. Use as a convenience as ice cubes. Add a little sparkling water to get the effect of a very healthy soda.

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