Step by step to have the Christmas emojis

From the instant messaging application the user can set their conversations with elements related to Christmas.

With the beginning of the month of Christmas, WhatsApp users have emojis set at this time of year, which for many is special.

The Christmas and winter emojis are part of a new collection that WhatsApp brings to its users on these dates that is so different from the rest.

Among the emojis, the following stand out: animals (such as a polar bear and a seal), objects and even organs of the human body (such as lungs and a heart).

To obtain these emojis, the person must have the most recent update of the instant messaging application, owned by Facebook.

What is the version that I should have on my device?

The version of the app would correspond to the Unfortunately, there is no other way to download them, for example, directly from the application stores.

How do I identify if I have that version?

To know if you have the aforementioned version, you must do the following step by step:

Settings> Help> App info

There it will appear what is the update number you have and if it matches the last one, then you already have the emojis incorporated.

If you don’t have it, then you should go to the Google Play Store and check if a new app update is already available.

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