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Within the technology environment, sometimes situations arise that were not in the users’ plans, such as: imagine that you are doing some work of great relevance, which you have to deliver to your superiors as soon as possible and suddenly the power goes out and because of this, the computer equipment you were using turns off and when you turn it on again, your information is lost or erased.

In this sense, there is a very famous software called Wondershare Recoveri, which could offer you a high recovery guarantee and could be 100 percent reliable for your information, since it recovers lost, deleted or even formatted and damaged data.

Steps to recover deleted files from your computer. Photo: Pixabay.

Steps to recover deleted files from your computer

Step 1

Locate the exact location where you had saved your files, since that way the data can be located faster, but in case you do not remember in which folder the information was, you could enter the hard drive, external devices, or the recycle bin.

Step 2

The software will begin to scan the chosen unit, and as time progresses, a tree of files classified by format will be displayed, which will be deleted. It is likely that you could see the size of the file and its modification date.

Step 3

Finally, review the recovered data and preview its content. Then choose the file that you consider important to save, and click on it, so that you can see it in full size. Then press the recover button and the information will be available again.

Wondershare Recoverit software possibly stands out for its usability, simplicity, efficiency and good customer service and its competitors are: Recuva, Stellar and Easeus, which could also be recognized in the market.

Other of the Wondershare Recoverit functionalities is to repair damaged videos, when there are failures such as errors, does not play, black screen, audio problems, among others.

You could try this software for free before you could decide to buy it and in case you want to buy it, the approximate cost is 1,300 pesos for an annual license. And sometimes there are special discounts for students and teachers.

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