Steve Jobs said that answering these three questions would let you know if you are happy in life

Is there a formula to be happy? The most philosophical scientists will tell you that the answer to this question is subjective. Each person may have a different perception of what the feeling of happiness is. However, Steve Jobs was sure he had the equation to decipher this question.

Steve Jobs was a genius of our generation. Being the creator of Apple’s most successful products is just one of his many achievements in the company with the bitten apple. The mastermind of the Cupertino giant laid the institutional foundations of what is today one of the most important technology corporations in the world.

The business tycoon said that in order to find the path to happiness, primarily, you had to ask yourself three questions. From these internal questions, he could start a process of execution and subsequent search to be happy.

These philosophical phases of the creative genius of Apple intensified since 2005, when unfortunately he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer that took his life in October 2011.

They are normal situations. Once we know we are close to death, the regrets of things we didn’t do begin. So, it would be interesting to take advice from those who have gone through this scenario and want to avoid going through moments of depression.

Three questions whose answers will lead you to happiness, according to Steve Jobs

The portal computer today review these phrases that Steve Jobs began to repeat, after the fatal and irreversible diagnosis in 2005.

1. Am I living the life I want and doing the work I want to do?

2. If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?

3. Am I doing what I like?

Finding the answer to these three approaches, to which obviously a solution must be sought if we are on the opposite path towards our feelings, would lead us, according to Jobs, towards irremediable happiness.