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Peaky Blinders movie has been confirmed. Recently, creator and producer Steven Knight spoke about the possibility of working on a film, but now it is clear that they are already getting to work to continue the story of the Shelby on the big screen after the sixth one concludes. season.

peaky blinders movie confirmedThe Peaky Blinders movie is in development.

In an interview with Deadline, the Briton had the following to say when asked about the way in which the story of the BBC’s star show will continue:

“Covid changed our plans, but I can say that my plan from the start was to finish Peaky with a movie. That’s what will happen”.

Later, in a different chat with Variety, Knight said this:

“We are in development. It is a fully formed idea and has a beginning, middle and end. I think it will be a fitting conclusion to the story told, but then there will be things that I don’t really call spin-offs, but there will be other TV shows that I hope will come out of there, that will continue to tell the story of this part of society and this family. ”.

It is quite striking that, During one of these interviews, it was hinted that a seventh season was being planned., but the disasters caused by the health crisis forced all those involved to rethink this idea, so in the end it was decided that the film format was the best option to condense what was had in mind.

It is not unreasonable that they have chosen to do things this way. After all, the filmmaker has already amassed a solid career in the UK audiovisual industry, with films like Locke or the Serenity divide. With this, it becomes evident that his acclaimed crime drama could benefit from his sensitivity to adapt narratives to celluloid.

peaky blinders movie confirmedAfter the film, new spin-offs of Peaky Blinders will come.

Now that the Peaky Blinders movie has been confirmed, it only remains to wait for more details to be given, either a production start date or the names of those who will make up the cast. Meanwhile, it is known that they are also looking to turn the serial into a ballet or a theatrical musical. Yes, as they read it.

Peaky Blinders movie

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