Stimulus plan proposed by the White House cuts cash to be distributed in half

15 minutes. The White House joined the fiscal stimulus proposals to address the crisis caused by the pandemic in the US with a plan that includes fewer cash transfers, something that has already been considered “unacceptable” by Democrats in Congress.

The offer presented Tuesday night by the Secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin, is for a total of 918,000 million dollars.

The plan has a direct transfer to citizens of $ 600, down from the 1,200 provided in the previous stimulus package; but withdraw the additional funds for the unemployed.

In a joint statement, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, and the leader of the Democratic minority in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, considered the proposal “unacceptable”, since it eliminates the additional contribution of 300 dollars per week for the unemployed until the end of March currently discussed in Congress.

“(The White House proposal) should not be allowed to obstruct the bipartisan talks currently underway in Congress,” both Democratic leaders remarked in the note released Wednesday.

The Republicans and Democrats, who control the Senate and House respectively, are currently debating a $ 908 billion plan that features that $ 300 a week, which is critical for Democrats.

Stimulus plan: first step

At the moment, the leader of the Republican majority in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, has not expressed his opinion on the White House proposal.

After months of stalemate in negotiations, both sides acknowledge progress. The plan also earmarks $ 288 billion in aid for small businesses. As well as $ 160 billion in assistance to state and local governments.

Other items allocate 16,000 million dollars for the distribution of vaccines, tests and contact tracing in cases of covid-19; 82,000 million in education; and 45,000 million for the transport sector, which includes airlines, among others.

The $ 908 billion figure is halfway between the Democrats ‘last of $ 2.4 trillion and the Republicans’ of $ 650 billion.

The plan has the backing of president-elect, Joe Biden, who will take office on January 20. But he has already warned that it will only be a “first step” and will require additional support given the magnitude of the crisis caused by the pandemic.

The United States, the country in the world hardest hit by the pandemic with more than 15 million infections and 285,000 million deaths.

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