Stock Forum Readers Find Opportunities on Both Ends of the Atlantic

Stock Forum Readers Find Opportunities on Both Ends of the Atlantic

In the Investment Strategies stock exchange forums, several topics of interest are discussed these days such as:

Inside the STOXX 600, the only sectors that are on an upward trend are basic resources, automobiles and spare parts. The worst is the telecommunications sector which is in the rebound phase.

Renewable energy companies continue in their particular spring as the case of Grenergy that has reached one billion capitalization.

The American indices have all closed in green after the confirmation of the triumph of Biden as president and undeterred by the chaos caused in the Capitol last Wednesday.

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The dollar remains above 2018 levels with the triumph of the Democrats in the Senate. Which gives them free rein for their electoral project, at least for two years. This scenario is positive for world economic growth, but not for bonds and the dollar.

The real estate sector in the post covid-19 era leaves us a big question, Is it in cyclical or structural correction?

Also readers of stock exchange forums wonder about companies like Iberdrola, Soltec, Palantir and Twitter.

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