Stolen vehicles appeared burned in the assault on the country – Latest News, Breaking News, Top News Headlines

By Fernando Vazquez

The three vehicles that had been stolen this morning by numerous armed criminals with masks on, in a completed assault on five country club homes, in the Buenos Aires town of Presidente Perón, they were later found on fire in an open field, in Burzaco, in Almirante Brown’s district. Police officers are searching intensely for those responsible for the crime.

In this regard, the spokesmen of the judicial department of La Plata revealed to that the individuals stole a Chevrolet Tracker, a Kia Carnival pickup and a Nissan Tiida.

According to what was stated by the informants, in the morning of this Tuesday, the boulders were located burned in a large area which is located at the intersection of Quebracho and Petiribí, in Burzaco and within the jurisdiction of the Malvinas Islands police station, in Almirante Brown, in the south of the provincial suburbs.

It turned out that the robbery, which the victims added lasted for three hours, began at 3.30 today when the thugs jumped a fence and, in this way, entered the El Candil country club, located on the corner of Leopoldo Marechal and José Ingenieros, in Presidente Perón.

Inhabitants of the property indicated that these individuals stole money, clothing and electrical appliances from five of the properties of the aforementioned establishment, at the same time that they brutally beat one of the victims on the head, and then escaped in the vehicles.

Public servants from the Presidente Perón police station carry out different procedures to find out the whereabouts of the thieves.

The doctor intervened in the cause Juan Cruz Condomí Alcorta, Prosecutor of President Perón, dependent on the La Plata courts.

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