streamer gets more than 300,000 subscribers in 28 days, all-time high

twitch It is not only a platform that allows live broadcasts and video game streaming, but it is also a race between streamers for brands like who has more subscribers, more followers, more people watching.

Although it has seen some instability in recent months, Twitch is still a place where records are hailed by netizens. The audience of the evening, the longest live in history and more are part of the registered trademarks.

However, as a report published on the website of 3D Gamesone of the records that seemed impossible to beat has a new king: Kai Cenat.

Who is Kai Cenat and how did he achieve the record?

Kai Cenat is an American streamer who in February started a subathon, a popular Twitch format in which content creators stream for a long period of time without going offline that ended with the brand: more than 300 thousand subscribers in just 28 days .

The record was held by Ludwig, a content creator who got 283,066 subscribers, father of the subathon and who was signed by YouTube shortly after getting the brand. He made a continuous direct with a countdown that goes up every time someone subscribes.

It will be difficult for anyone to surpass what Kai Cenat has achieved. To get an idea of ​​what the American streamer has achieved, the Spanish-speaking content creator with the most subscribers is Ibai Llanos, with more than 121,000, and that Ibai is a reference for live broadcasts and popular among those who follow this activity.