Study shows that young people who vape have a higher percentage of becoming ordinary cigarette smokers

Those who vape are not working in a healthy way either.

A recent study conducted by the University of California, San Diego, shows that young people who vape have a high probability of ending up using regular cigarettes. The action of electronic cigarettes, rarely, represents the best option.

« E-cigarettes are a gateway for those who become daily smokers, » says John Pierce. This expert, author of the research, is an oncologist in the aforementioned study house.

« The initial product has changed from cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. However, the final product has remained the same, » adds the oncologist, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Those who vape and those who smoke

The study of the aforementioned university observed, for four years, young people between 12 and 24 years old. In total there were 49,000 people, approximately. All these people confessed that they vape. While, as the years progressed, of the same respondents, 12 percent said they started using normal cigarettes.

Of this 12%, half had become a cigarette smoker on a daily basis, when only one year had passed. In addition, 63% gave up electronics entirely and simply engaged in smoking.

« What we are seeing is that the proportion of daily users of electronic cigarettes did not increase with age. But with cigarettes the number of users increases rapidly with growth, » he concluded.

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