Styrian GP MotoGP 2020: Oliveira takes advantage of the Pol-Miller duel to win

Styrian GP MotoGP 2020 Mir could win

Miguel Oliveira took an incredible victory in Styria in a final of heart attack. The Portuguese make their debut at KTM’s house after taking advantage the fight between Pol and Miller.

At the exit, Mir surprised Pol, but he was very long at turn 1. Joan kept the first place. They marked him that he had to lose a position for what he won.

Miller relented with Rins, but the Australian passed him quickly. Then, he went for Pol and beat him, with a touch included. Nakagami was also already in front of the youngest of the Espargars.

Mir let Miller pass, and did so. Dovi was already sixth ahead of Maverick and behind Rins. Quartararo was only 14. Bad start. He had been a long time braking from turn 1 on lap 2.

The situation stabilized with ‘Jackass’ commanding. Nakagami overtook Mir in the braking of Turn 3 to place second. But the Spaniard returned it instantly.

Mir wanted more, much more. She was ahead of Miller to get first. Zarco, who started from the pit lane, was the fastest on the track. Crazy.

Viales was battling Dovi for sixth place with Binder trailing behind. Brad returned to trace back in the race what was yielded on Saturday. Fabio went on the outside again at Turn 1 to pass Lex Mrquez. In the previous appointment he suffered with his brakes.

Rins and Pol were fighting for fourth place and this made Mir, Miller and ‘Naka’ go away a bit.

The malloqun, who was leading for the first time in MotoGP, was half a second away. Binder, Oliveira and even Lecuona overtook Viales, let him suffer again. He was already tenth, ahead of Rossi.

Rins and Pol were losing their distance to the head trio. Yes, they had a second on Dovi. Miller was wondering how his right shoulder would hold up. An injury was reproduced in that area after a fall in training.

With 16 laps to go, Binder surpassed Dovizioso to be sixth. Andrea suffered more than everyone thought after winning the previous week and dominating the ‘warm up’.

It was all trouble for Maverick. He even raised his hand for a technical problem and Rossi, Quartararo and Petrucci passed him. It was 13. Another drama.

Mir was leaving 1.2 seconds. The one from Palma was asked to put map 3 from the Suzuki box. Lecuona receives a warning for exceeding the limits of the runway. The Valencian was circulating in an excellent ninth place.

Nakagami attacked Miller. It happened to her, but the ocean gave it back. The Japanese repeated last. This time there was no answer.

Viales I have a strange accident. He got off his Yamaha at Turn 1. The M1 ran into the ‘air fence’ and caught fire. She ran out of brakes. Incredible. Luckily, the one from Roses left on its own accord. Red flag. Everything stopped. A shame for Mir, who got 2.4 seconds the next. He had the race in his hand.

The new career it was going to be 12 laps and with a grid based on the passage through the finish line of turn 16. There were 21 drivers, without Maverick. Zarco is already with them, from place 17.

At the new start, Mir kept his pole position, but Miller passed him at turn 3. Pol was third ahead of Oliveira. Rins started badly and was eighth behind Nakagami, who also didn’t start well.

Binder and Oliveira stopped by and reviewed. Until the Portuguese took meters and Dovi overtook the South African.

Miller, this time, shot and gave Mir a half second. Quartararo even suffered to be in the point zone. The leader suffered greatly. Zarco, who had an operation on the right scaphoid, was with him.

Pol Espargar launched into the attack. He passed Mir in the braking of Turn 3 to take second.

The one from Granollers was trying, but Miller held the attack in the first angle. Oliveira passed Mir. His front rubber was worn, he couldn’t change it. Dovi was already behind him.

Pol made it into Turn 9. Instead, Binder went long after passing the finish line and left his options. It went down to eighth place.

‘Polyccio’ resisted in the lead, with Miller and Oliveira behind. But Dovi did not arrive, did not catch them and the trio left.

The Portuguese gave meters and it seemed that it was going to be a matter of two. Pol had to cover everywhere. But Miller passed him at turn 4. Espargar tried to give it back to him at 9. The two went long and Oliveira beat them both. Brutal.