Super Hero in a live-action made by a FanArt

It has recently been confirmed that there will be a fourth installment of Spider-Man made by Tom Holland for Sony and Marvel Studios. Kevin Feige and the executives of this cinematic universe are working on the details to finalize the threads of the story and then start shooting.

Let’s hope that the Spider-Man of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (UCM) continues to develop with the same success that it has been doing. But if it is the case that a misstep occurs with this character, Tom Holland will not lack offers.

One that we know is very unlikely to arrive, but we want to see it under any circumstances, is that of a hypothetical Dragon Ball live-action.

The damage left by Evolution seems irreparable. Only a decent story can make us forget what 20th Century Fox did with Akira Toriyama’s work.

It is impossible to know if the people of Disney (now with the rights after the purchase of Fox) is preparing a live-action of this manga-anime. But if they are doing it and they don’t consider Tom Holland, this FanArt proves that it is another big mistake.

Tom Holland as Gohan from Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

the brazilian illustrator samukarts, of whom we have seen a lot of his work in , returns with the hypothetical live-action that he mounts on his Instagram page. In a spectacular design job he put the Peter Parker actor in the suit that Gohan receives from Piccolo.

Set in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, the British interpreter seems to be about to transform into Gohan Beast.