Super Hero wants to remaster all the arcs of the anime

When will the new Dragon Ball Super anime arrive? The public that follows the stories of Akira Toriyama and Toyotaro remains expectant for some news that does not end up appearing, despite the fact that the manga already has two arcs and the beginning of the third lead.

The latest in anime is the movie, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. Those responsible for the franchise, all they are doing is developing these adventures that bring the Red Patrol back to the manga.

In this sense, a new candidate appears to work with anime. This is the animation director of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, named Chikashi Kubota.

The artist has applied to work with Toei Animation, if the company with the television rights to the series wants to undertake the long-awaited project, according to a review. Comic book.

This statement draws attention, since in the past months it had been rumored that Chikashi Kubota was already working on the anime. So, apart from offering himself for a “future project”, he denies that he is working with the franchise.

Also, in his statement, Kubota proposed something that left all Dragon Ball fans intrigued. The animation director says that he is willing to remaster all of Akira Toriyama’s work made by Toei Animation for television.

Considering that fans of the series hate 3D and love the old 2D, Chikashi Kubota says that he can make an animation of the old sagas by combining the best features of both styles.

To take a reference, we can appreciate the work that Kubota did with the preview of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, which reviews the history of Goku facing the villains of the Red Patrol since he was a child until the battle against Cell.