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Take advantage of this offer of Super Mario Maker 2 for Nintendo Switch

Super Mario Maker 2 was recently launched and if you wanted to get hold of it you can take advantage of this great offer that is available on Amazon. The great Mario game allows us to create our own universes based on the plumber and the entire universe that surrounds him, as well as being able to play all those worlds that other users create. Purchase Super Mario Maker 2 with a juicy discount on Amazon.

Break the rules and create the Super Mario levels you’ve always dreamed of in Super Mario Maker 2. Use a wide range of new tools, functions and level elements, unleash your imagination and create unique levels that you can share with friends and players around the world. Creating your own Super Mario levels is super easy, and now two players can build levels side by side on a single screen. It’s simple: pick and place iconic enemies and objects wherever you want, then select from a variety of themes and styles, including a new one inspired by Super Mario 3D World!

Do you want to show off your creations with friends? Create a virtual room and up to four players can attempt to complete levels at the same time on their own console thanks to local wireless multiplayer. Play as Mario, Luigi, Toad and Toadette and let the fun begin!

▪ Release date: 06/28/2019

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