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Something related to the Big N that has been talked about a lot and a lot for some time is Super nintendo world, the themed area that will be located at Universal Studios Japan which will be the Kyoto-based company’s first foray into the world of amusement parks. However, as the current situation caused by COVID-19 in Japan (but also in the rest of the world) suggested, those who would like to visit this area inspired by the Champion Kingdom will have to wait for something more, because finally it has been decided to delay the opening date.

Super Nintendo World will no longer open its doors on February 4, 2021

Super nintendo world

Super nintendo world

COVID-19, that “bug” (as it is popularly known), has altered many of the companies’ plans, but also the daily lives of the inhabitants of this our world. Thus, just as we feared it would happen due to the advance of the pandemic in recent days in the world, it has finally been announced that Super Nintendo World will not open its doors on February 4, 2021 at Universal Studios Japan, in Osaka. In addition, in the statement shared by the reporter Takashi Mochizuki, from the Bloomberg media, no other opening date is indicated, which is the most sensible thing, since it is not known how the situation will evolve, so the only thing that remains to those who would like to visit the thematic area, it is necessary to wait for a new best moment for its opening to be announced.

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Therefore, this delay in the opening of Super Nintendo World is another one that adds to the already long list that we have seen grow over the last year. And you, are you one of those who are thinking of taking a trip to Japan in the future, when everything improves, to see what this area is like?


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