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The Arrowverse continues to expand and now we are presented with the trailer for Superman and Lois, a new serial that will be located after the events of the great Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover, and that intends to effectively expand the story arcs that the main characters had in said event.

superman and lois trailer

From the first minutes of the preview, it is clear that The CW chain threw the house out the window with this production, since the cinematography and the effects that it is displayed are worthy of a film project (in fact, if one see the comments on YouTube, there are many mentions of the fact that the fragment shares tonality with a Zack Snyder film). Thus, it only remains to prepare for an adventure that promises to be of a high quality.

In the show, Lois Lane and Clark Kent are happily married and have two teenage children. One fine day, the family decides that it is time to put their residence in Metropolis on hiatus and they move to Smallville., as life has hit them with very difficult tests, such as “lost jobs” and the departure of loved ones (presumably Martha and Jonathan Kent). It is striking that, in the first instance, it seems that we are going to be facing a gloomy narrative, but with the passing of the minutes little jokes and brief moments of freshness are added – as when a disappointed Clark laments because “sometimes I just wanted to to be able to get drunk »-.

In early 2020, Elizabeth Tulloch, who plays Lois, announced that filming had already begun. For this reason, it is evident that everything possible was done to have the final product ready in the fastest way.

superman and lois trailer

The Superman and Lois trailer informs us that It will be on Tuesday, February 23 when the first episode can be seen in the United States. It should be noted that this pilot will last 2hrs. There is still no release date in Mexico.

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