Supermarkets in Spain turn to Veesion artificial intelligence to detect thieves

Different press reports in Spain have ensured that the increase in the cost of the food basket in that country has led to an increase in thefts in shops and supermarkets. To combat this problem, businesses have turned to Veesion’s artificial intelligence (AI).

Veesion is a startup based in Paris, France, and San Francisco, United States, which adds a layer of artificial intelligence to traditional surveillance systems that allows it to capture, record, and notify suspicious activities of an establishment’s customers.

In Spain, according to a report published on the website of telemadridthere are a million robberies and thefts a year in shops, pharmacies, supermarkets, which use video surveillance systems to prevent them or, as in this case, Veesion.

How Veesion works?

The system connects with the cameras in the store and analyzes the gestures made by the customers in the store, detects when there is a suspicious gesture of theft and alerts the employees before the possible thief leaves the store.

Among the suspicious gestures is the classic theft, when the thief takes something and puts it somewhere in his clothes, consumption inside the store, theft with a baby carriage or simply keeping something in a backpack or bag.

Veesion developed this AI Gesture Theft Detection System. When any movement that could indicate a robbery or theft is detected, the Veesion program sends a notification so that those responsible can see the theft live.

The company highlights the power of its algorithm that analyzes customer activity in real time and automatically alerts all suspicious activities.