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Chains performed favorably last year. From January to September, La Comer was the winner, with an increase in its sales of 27.1%, according to the data in its financial report for the third semester of 2020.

The operating flow of companies was also on the rise. In the reference period, Walmart’s Ebitda (operating cash flow) grew 5.20% and La Comer’s 41.1%, the companies reported to the Mexican Stock Exchange in their quarterly report.

This year the impact for companies will be differentiated, according to the area of ​​influence of each of the chains, since each entity is in a different color of the epidemiological traffic light and, therefore, each state has a different health strategy for avoid COVID-19 infections.

Marisol Huerta, corporate analyst at the financial group Ve por Más, explains that during this year the demand for household consumption will continue in cities where there is still confinement, as is the case of Mexico City, while in others are already more mobile, which encourages people to consume more outside the home.

“Stores had a fairly strong rebound and the self-service category will surely have ended the year with an increase of 20%, which is positive in general terms. For 2021 we expect growth to continue but not so strong, because we started the year with the same situation regarding the health emergency, “he declared.

Experts project a year-end with moderate growth in sales, a trend that will continue while the economic reactivation develops in the rest of the productive sectors of the economy.

“The economy is rebounding and the most affected sectors are recovering. In the first part of the year it will affect the layoff situation, but in the second it will start to be hired again ”, declares Huerta.

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