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Singer Natalia Jiménez divorces Daniel Trueba

2021 is not only a new year, but it also marks the beginning of a very different stage for Natalia Jiménez. The former vocalist of the group La quinta Estación has separated from Daniel Trueba, with whom she had been married for five years. It was the artist herself who wanted to stop all the comments by sending a statement to announce it: “To avoid and reduce any type of speculation I have decided to face the rumors and confirm my process of marital separation from Mr. Daniel Trueba. Normally we would take all this process in private, but since I am a public person it is better to expose this issue directly to you, as a public, who have always supported me through the years and have been aware of all my joys and sorrows “, you can read in the first part of her message VIEW GALLERY -Natalia Jiménez, vocalist of La Quinta Estación, admitted urgently due to stomach problems -Natalia Jiménez, former member of La Quinta Estación, launches her first solo album The singer from Madrid, who began her career playing in the Metro, he has said that the decision to separate has not been recent but goes back months but that he preferred to keep it in pri to avoid affecting the routine of Alessandra, the girl they had together in October 2016 and whom she presented in an exceptional report of HELLO !: “For several months I had made this determination, but I thought it appropriate to announce it when everything It will be optimally accommodated for our daughter Alessandra. ” In addition, she has taken the opportunity to thank the support she has received from her followers throughout her career and has asked that they have consideration and respect for her in this new situation of which, for the moment, she says she will not share more details. . VIEW GALLERY The highlights of their love story The former jury of Operación Triunfo began dating Daniel Trueba after breaking up with Antonio Alcol, with whom she canceled her wedding just a few hours before it was celebrated. In December 2015, she finally dressed in white to say “yes, I do” to her manager, a wedding that coincided with a significant date, her 34th birthday. Although she always tried to keep their relationship in the background, in the few statements that Natalia gave she radiated happiness. “We spend a lot of time together, and it’s a lot of fun. In the six years that we have been here, I have learned a lot from my partner, and I continue to learn every day, since he is one of those men who no longer exist. I admire him with passion ”, he explained in the newspaper El Nuevo Heraldo. VIEW GALLERY In 2016, shortly after celebrating their first anniversary, Natalia and Daniel (he has always been referred to as Danny) received the best of gifts with the birth of their daughter. Alessandra completely changed the life of her mother, who told in our pages that thanks to her baby she saw life differently and experienced a wild love. The interpreter of such well-known songs as The sun does not return, Something else or The world is wrong, among others, defined her first-born as a very nice and smiling girl. Certainly, the little girl’s character helps the artist to fill up with energy and optimism in this new chapter that she has begun to write after her separation.

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