Supreme Court halts attempts to overturn Biden’s victory in Pennsylvania

15 minutes. The Supreme Court of the United States (USA) rejected on Tuesday the petition launched by supporters of US President Donald Trump to revoke the victory of Joe Biden in Pennsylvania.

The Supreme Court’s decision, made up of three judges appointed by Trump himself, was pronounced while states across the country are confirming the results of the presidential elections. These to be endorsed next week by the US Electoral College.

It is also the first time that the Supreme Court intervenes in the efforts of Trump and his supporters. This to reverse Biden’s victory in the election.

On this occasion, according to the US press, there were no major differences or challenges among its members, among whom was the judge recently appointed by Trump, Amy Coney Barrett.

A group of Republican legislators led by the representative of the US Congress for Pennsylvania, Mike Kelly, appealed to the Supreme Court alleging that the Pennsylvania General Assembly exceeded its functions. This by allowing voting by mail in these presidential elections, although they waited for Trump’s defeat to present the complaint.

In that sense, the Supreme Court explained that the demand came too late. In addition, that “it would be disenfranchising some 6.9 million Pennsylvania residents” if approved.

Biden doesn’t need Pennsylvania votes

However, and even if the Supreme Court had endorsed the Republican complaints, Biden would continue to be the winner of the elections. This without having to obtain the electoral votes of Pennsylvania.

Still President Trump would need at least two more states to secure a majority. Biden got nearly 3.5 million votes in Pennsylvania, about 81,600 more than Trump did.

While waiting for the Supreme Court to decide now what to do with the lawsuit also presented by the attorney general of the state of Texas, Republican Ken Paxton, to stop the Democratic triumphs in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia and Michigan, Biden obtained 306 electoral votes against to Trump’s 232.

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