Supreme Court rejects Trump’s attempt not to pay his taxes

15 minutes. The United States Supreme Court on Monday rejected former President Donald Trump’s refusal to hand over his tax returns to a New York grand jury that is studying whether he broke the law with his secret campaign payments to the porn actress Stormy Daniels.

The Supreme Court thus paved the way for New York City District Attorney Cyrus Vance to obtain Trump’s tax returns. This represents a severe legal setback for the former president, who strongly opposed handing over his financial accounts to the court.

However, the documents will not be released publicly, since, according to the Supreme Court’s ruling, the tax returns will be subject to the grand jury rules of secrecy, which prevents its disclosure outside of court.

In a statement, Trump framed the Supreme Court’s decision in the “political persecution” and the “witch hunt” that he has been denouncing when it comes to legal decisions against him or the two impeachment processes that he has had to face.

“For more than two years, New York City has been analyzing almost every transaction that I have conducted, including tax returns that were filed by the largest and most prestigious accounting and law firms in the United States … Suprema should never have allowed this ‘fishing expedition’ to happen, but they did, “Trump complained.

Vance is investigating whether Trump’s secret campaign money payments to Daniels, to prevent him from going public about an alleged sexual relationship between the two, violated New York state law.

Trump’s refusal

Trump has insisted on his refusal to provide his tax documents, considering that the order is too broad, it was issued “in bad faith.” As well went on to point out that this amounts to political “harassment” by Vance, who is from the Democratic Party.

“These are attacks by Democrats willing to do anything to stop those who voted for me in the elections, where many feel that I won. I agree!” Added the former president, who still does not recognize his electoral defeat.

The Manhattan district attorney is calling on Trump for his eight-year tax returns and other documents regarding the porn actress payments.

In addition, Vance is studying whether the former president committed other possible crimes, including bank and insurance fraud, as suggested months ago in court documents.

Last July, the Supreme Court rejected Trump’s attempts to declare himself immune to these subpoenas given his status as president. He also established that, as ruler, I did not have the right to any type of treatment different from that of ordinary citizens.

At the same time, Trump is the subject of another judicial investigation in New York for possible concealment of the value of assets to obtain loans and tax exemptions.

This other process is led by the attorney general of New York, Letitia James, who investigates whether Trump inflated the value of some properties in the state to obtain loans and also falsified them to claim tax exemptions.

Among the cases under investigation is a giant mansion owned by the Trump family in upstate New York in Westchester County. For this the family received generous tax exemptions, arguing that the land was dedicated to natural conservation.

Both processes can complicate Trump’s legal problems after leaving the presidency on January 20.

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