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Surprise !, Christina Aguilera could give life to Jenni Rivera (AP)

Surprise !, Christina Aguilera could give life to Jenni Rivera | AP

Rosie, Jenni Rivera’s sister, has given a huge surprise to all her followers by revealing not only that the movie about the life of La Diva de la Banda is already underway but also that they already have a strong candidate to interpret her and she is Christina Aguilera.

Rosie Rivera shared in Despierta América that the interpreter of But I remember you has already been invited to give life to The Great Lady in the biographical film that the family hopes to release in the short term.

He pointed out that Jenni Rivera would be delighted that it was Christina Aguilera who gave her life, since she felt enormous admiration for the interpreter; In addition, there are other factors that make the artist a strong candidate to star in this film.

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According to Rosie Rivera, Christina has factors in her favor such as that she has the facility to increase or decrease her weight, she is fluent in Spanish and English and something that Jenni Rivera Amaría, who is extremely proud of her Latino roots.

Rivera shared that the artist had received the proposal to withdraw the Aguilera surname in an artistic way; however, she made it clear that she wanted everyone to be clear that her father was Latino. Christina Aguilera has shared that despite her command of English, Spanish was always spoken at home, a situation that coincides with The Diva of the Band.

Jenni Rivera’s sister did not indicate if they have already had any response from the interpreter of hits such as Reflejo and Beautiful, the truth is that Rosie was very excited for this to materialize.

Jenni Rivera’s family has revealed that there is already a script for said film and both the script and the production will be in charge of Oscar winners.

Long ago there had been talk of the possibility of leading the life of The Neighborhood Butterfly to the big screen; however, it did not look like reality today. Jenni Rivera’s brothers have confessed that the singer dreamed of making her film that unfortunately she did not see concrete in life.

Rosie Rivera confessed on one occasion that she and her sister used to talk about said film and that Jenni dreamed of the beautiful actress Maribel Guardia who would give it life; while Rosie dreamed that it was Charlize Theron herself who would play La Diva de la Banda.

Definitely the film that narrates the life of Jenni Rivera will be one of the most anticipated films by her followers who yearn for more and more from their favorite artist. No matter the passage of time, Jenni has remained one of the favorites of the Mexican regional and above all, an essential part of the holidays and moments of anguish.

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The life of the former La Voz coach had many ups and downs, so it will be interesting to see how the family recounts every aspect of their struggle to live and achieve fame. Many will want to see aspects such as how did Jenni decide to be a singer? How did her beginnings? What was it like to be a single mother at a young age? How did she discover that her partner did wrong things to her own daughter and her sister? and many other tough aspects.

It also remains on the air if the issue of the separation of Chiquis Rivera, who was accused of having a relationship beyond a stepdaughter – stepfather with Esteban Loaiza and if there will be more secrets of Jenni Rivera to discover.

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