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The Government of Mexico City carries out a survey with the help of all health institutions in order to know, for two days to date, where the recent patients who tested positive for Covid-19 were infected.

The head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo recalled that on these dates many of the capital’s residents receive relatives in their homes, others make trips and return to Mexico City or have Christmas parties.

« We are doing a survey at this time, all the health institutions are helping us so that these new admissions for two days to date we can have knowledge of what people are saying, where it was that it was infected in particular » .

At a press conference, the president commented that in Mexico City many people are received who do not receive here, the possible parties that may have taken place in the City and that many citizens of the capital left the city and returned to the capital of the country.

The president assured that the clandestine parties have been dispersed through INVEA staff and the Secretariat of Citizen Security from the calls made to 911.

He also stated that based on what has been published by the best international scientific journals, it is known that infections occur mainly in closed places.

« That is very valid for all scientific journals, closed places where masks are not used, a healthy distance is not kept, obviously the parties because what is there is that masks are not used, nor is a healthy distance kept but it is the same in restaurants, in closed places ”.

The president mentioned that precisely in other countries attendance has been limited to intramural places such as offices, restaurants and parties.

Until this Saturday, a hospital capacity of 87% was reported, with 4,942 occupied general beds and 1,556 beds occupied with a ventilator in addition to 23,292 deaths.

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