Susan Rice appointed White House Home Policy Advisor by Joe Biden

Former National Security Advisor to Barack Obama, 56-year-old African American Susan Rice “is one of the most seasoned and experienced government officials in our country, and has the skills to harness the power of the federal government to serve Americans, “Joe Biden’s transition team wrote in a statement.

Former United States Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice was among the favorites for the much more prominent post of Secretary of State, ultimately awarded to Antony Blinken. She was also approached last summer to become Joe Biden’s running mate and therefore run for the vice-presidency, which Kamala Harris will ultimately occupy.

The Democratic President-elect also appointed Tom Vilsack as Minister of Agriculture, a post he had held throughout the Obama presidency (2008-2016); elected House of Representatives Marcia Fudge at the Ministry of Housing; Denis McDonough, former chief of staff to Barack Obama, head of the Department for Veterans Affairs; and Katherine Tai, a lawyer specializing in free trade and China issues, in the influential position of Trade Representative (USTR).

If confirmed by the Senate, the latter “will be the first American of Asian origin and the first woman of color to serve in this position,” said the Biden team.

One of the great voices of the “Congressional Black Caucus”, the parliamentary group bringing together African-American elected representatives, Marcia Fudge she “will be the first woman in over 40 years and the second black woman in history” at the head of the Ministry of Housing.

Emphasizing their “skills,” Joe Biden, 78, said in the statement that this group “will bring the highest level of experience, compassion and integrity to problem-solve and expand possible prospects for them. Americans in the face of today’s tough challenges.

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