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Due to the twitter decision on the permanent suspension of the account of the President of the United States Donald Trump, for possible incitement to violence, after the assault on the federal Capitol on Wednesday, January 6 of this present, a controversy broke out in said country .

According to what was published by the AP Agency, the adjunct professor of journalism and media at the University of North Carolina, Shannon McGregor, said that the suspension by the social network allows Twitter to try to look good with him. Joe Biden’s government, since Trump has only two weeks left as US president, which is why it was easier for the platform to cancel his account.

Suspension of Trump’s Twitter account causes controversy in the US. Photo: AP.

The professor said that Trump could register on other platforms such as Parler or Gab, but the result would be to limit his influence considerably. He also mentioned that the president’s intentions have always been legitimacy and position in the most important media, although he complains about the traditional work carried out by communicators, which he has long classified as fake news, this could not be done in different social networks.

In other opinions, a more sinister omen was projected, with the suspension made by Twitter, as was the case of Kay James, president of the conservative group The Heritage Foundation, who tweeted: “The Greats of Technology are not going to stop with the president of the United States ”and“ They can ban you and everyone who reads this ”.

The National Director of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) Jonathan Greenblatt added that the expulsion of Donald Trump from Twitter was an excellent decision and a fitting end to a legacy of hate and malicious criticism. It is worth mentioning that ADL was a member of the coalition of defense and civil rights groups that requested said expulsion.

For a long time, the twitter platform was accused of treating Trump softly, later it began to monitor his tweets more strictly, at the beginning of the presidential campaign, since the platform began to label the president’s false tweets, where he tweeted the alleged electoral fraud. In the United States they did not imagine that there would be a real permanent cancellation, until the moment that the president lost his candidacy for reelection.

Twitter posted on its blog an explanation about the suspension of Trump’s account, where he said that his latest tweets meant a glorification of violence, according to the current context about the attacks on the Capitol and the plans to carry out armed protests in the inauguration of the President-elect Joe Biden.

For its part, the social network called Facebook, canceled Trump’s account until January 20 of the present and possibly it will do so indefinitely. Something similar to what Twitter did at the beginning, since it had first suspended the president of the platform for twelve hours.

Regarding Donald Trump’s official account, @POTUS, it remains active, since it published a statement in which it accuses Twitter of being an enemy of freedom of expression and commented that it could develop its own platform, which @ POTUS erased. In addition, Twitter said that using another account to avoid a cancellation is against its rules and that, although it will not restrict government accounts such as @POTUS or @WhiteHouse, it will take the appropriate measures to limit and verify their use.

It should be noted that Donald Trump had an approximate 89 million followers on Twitter and that the platform’s shares had an estimated slip of 4 percent, after the stock market close, due to fear that the cancellation of the president’s account could influence in the decrease of the use of the network and its results in advertising sales.

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