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Suzy Cortez unseats Demi Rose Completely wet! (Instagram)

Suzy Cortez unseats Demi Rose Completely wet! | Instagram

The beautiful model Suzy cortez It continues to talk and continues to be the favorite of many people, because its hot content keeps them with everything and wanting more, even leaving the beautiful model below Demi Rose.

Suzy Cortez is one of the Instagram models who publishes the most incredible content on her official account, always seeking to promote her private page where you can fully observe her figure.

However, for several weeks her account was deleted and although everyone thought it was because of its high erotic content, the reasons are different and in fact she has explained it herself.

A few weeks ago, he revealed the real reason why his Instagram account disappeared out of nowhere, ensuring that he was the victim of a theft of his mobile device in his country of origin, in addition to that his account was apparently hacked by the criminal.

It was through her official Twitter account, where the model communicated that it was in the city of São Paulo that they took away her cell phone, taking possession of her Instagram account, which mysteriously disappeared on December 31, causing endless speculation.

Hello, my loves I suffered a robbery in the city of São Paulo where my cell phone was stolen and my Instagram was hacked, we are with the judicial authorities and soon I will be back with my Instagram, thanks for the love, “Cortez wrote.

And leaving the bad news behind, we will tell you about a photograph that could be recovered thanks to a fan account.

This time the famous Suzy cortez tried to stay in the minds of all internet users with a photograph that leaves her buttocks in the foreground wearing a tiny Swimwear two-piece in pink, but that’s not all, because the most exciting thing was that it was coming out of the pool, so it was completely wet.

As expected, the Brazilian model ended up falling in love with everyone who saw the photograph since her fans on social networks were there to give her love and attention, keeping her eyes square.

Click here to see Suzy Cortez’s fiery photograph.

It is worth mentioning that for several years, we have already been able to observe this model wearing different outfits, many in fact, since the young woman does not stop producing new content, because she is looking to be one of the most recognized on social networks although She is already well known as Miss bumbum.

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This is not the first time that the Brazilian has turned on social networks, since she constantly shares videos and photos which leave everyone wanting more.

As we mentioned above, she is recognized worldwide for being the winner of the Miss Bum Bum beauty pageant of 2015 and 2019, and in fact only in her first pageant, she received approximately $ 22,000 for winning the competition.

In addition, the fitness girl has also participated in the famous Play B0y magazine, however, seeing her like this on Instagram on some occasions is surprising because you do not expect it.

Suzy Every time he comes across, he takes the opportunity to promote his Only Fans website where he shares content without censorship and 100% exclusive, however, despite this he has challenged the social network’s censorship on several occasions, by showing more in his photographs, showing that he is not afraid of anything.

The beautiful Brazilian woman is an influencer, since in her official Instagram account she had more than two million followers and at the moment she registers 2,0204 publications, or that was before, because surely she already lost all that amount.

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