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Although the energy consumption of household appliances and electronic devices has improved in order to have a positive impact on the environment, this does not mean that it is an issue that can be left aside and in the case of gaming this becomes relevant when it comes to consoles. Currently, this type of hardware continues to give something to talk about in that sense, because despite the energy saving options, the electricity consumption when staying on is still something to take into account. However, there are also examples to the contrary, such as the Nintendo Switch.

The electricity consumption of the consoles is already an issue to consider

A Nintendo Life report shared the results obtained by a NerdWallet study, which focused on the power consumption of consoles and how much it translates into spending per year when paying the electricity bill. Although in those countries where the electricity supply is managed by state companies and with subsidies for the sector this may not be important, in those countries where the management is by the private sector it does, becoming an issue to consider in terms of electricity consumption. In this sense, NerdWallet carried out a survey and data analysis in the United Kingdom taking as a parameter the useful life of a console, considered between 6 and 9 years.

PS5 is the console that consumes the most energy and the one that impacts the electricity bill the most

The results showed that, currently, the console that consumes the most electricity is the PlayStation 5 in its standard version, that is, the one with a blu-ray player, whose total cost expectation and impact on the electricity bill is $ 2,091 USD. It is followed by Xbox Series X, which over its lifespan will cost the user $ 2003 USD. From there, more consoles come such as PlayStation 5 in its digital version, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, PS4, P3, Xbox 360 and we come to the cheapest consoles in terms of power consumption and light payment, also considered as the most environmentally friendly and there is Nintendo Switch, which in its useful life will represent an expense of $ 1071 USD, followed by the Wii U that costs or cost $ 877 USD and we close with the Wii, a console whose energy consumption was translated at $ 786 USD.

The consoles that consume the most electricity: NerdWalletThe consoles that consume the most electricity: NerdWallet

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