Tabaré Vázquez, former Uruguayan president, died

Tabaré Vazquez, former president of Uruguay, died this morning at 80 years of age from lung cancer, as a result of which he had received radiotherapy treatment.

« With deep pain we communicate the death of our beloved father » at 3 in the morning « due to natural causes of his oncological disease, » said a statement from his sons Álvaro, Javier and Ignacio Vázquez.

Álvaro Vázquez, an oncologist by profession like his father, also told about it through social networks: « Today, at 3:00, while resting at home, accompanied by some family and friends, because of his illness, Tabaré passed away. On behalf of the family, we want to thank all Uruguayans for the affection received by him over so many years. « 

Last week, Tabaré Vázquez was emergency stabilized after suffering a « deep thrombosis of the lower left limb « related to cancer, as explained by his son Álvaro.

The tumor had been diagnosed in August 2019, when he was still in government, and in September he began a program of radiation therapy and radiosurgery to fight disease, which in principle it had culminated successfully. Now he was, according to his doctors, in an « evaluation stage, » Europa Press noted.

During that period he moved away from the public light although he remained active within the Broad Front, the alliance to which he belonged. In October he made his last participation in the Plenary of the party and held a previous meeting with the former president Jose Muijca -the man who held the position between his two terms- and his wife, the senator Lucia Topolansky.

Tabaré Vázquez presided over Uruguay for two terms, between 2005 and 2010, and 2015 and 2020, for the Wide Front (FA). The party announced thatthere will be no wake and that the burial will be an intimate act of the family.

In order to respect the social distance that the pandemic requires, the FA called on citizens « to accompany from their homes and through the media the courtship which will depart from the esplanade of the Montevideo Municipal Administration headquarters at 1 pm to the La Teja cemetery. « 

As reported by the Sputnik news agency, the FA also called for the former president to be fired from their homes at 9:00 p.m. with the song « Defend joy » by Mario Benedetti and Joan Manuel Serrat and five minutes of applause.

President Luis Lacalle Pou, from the National Party (center-right), was one of the first to react to the death of his predecessor, one of the main referents of the center-left in the region.

« He faced his last battle with courage and serenity. We had instances of personal and political dialogue that I value and will remember. He served his country and based on the effort he obtained important achievements. He was the President of the Uruguayans. The country is in mourning. RIP President Tabaré Vázquez, « the president wrote on Twitter.

Vázquez, former leader of the local soccer club Progreso, was the first candidate from the left coalition to become the mayor of Montevideo in 1989, and to the presidency -after two failed attempts- in 2005, breaking with the hegemony of the traditional Colorado Party. and National Party.

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