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A teacher from Caaguazú denounced having been the victim of extortion by police officers who are now behind bars for having kidnapped and extorted a couple of Brazilian tourists.

The teacher César Esteche told Radio Monumental that he was the victim of a group of police officers from the Torín neighborhood, in the department of Caaguazú, who are accused of kidnapping and extortion against a couple of Brazilian tourists.

In November of last year, the professor went to a local ATM to withdraw his salary and that of other colleagues. At that time, the agents arrested him and accused him of fraud and usury, according to his account. They demanded 60 million guaranies but finally reduced the sum to G. 16,650,000, corresponding to the salary of other teachers that he extracted from the cashier, always in accordance with the complaint.

« They told me that if I counted they would make me travel, » Esteche said about the death threats made by the uniformed men if he dared to report them.

The teacher also mentioned that he had to sell his animals to recover part of the money and return to his colleagues who had asked him to withdraw his salary.

It is only now that the police officers have been arrested that this victim can publicly state her case.

The Minister of Health, Julio Mazzoleni confirmed the first death from dengue in our country and corresponds to a patient from the Department of Ñeembucú. He urged the public to eliminate breeding sites to prevent the proliferation of mosquitoes.

In his usual weekly press conference, the head of Health, Julio Mazzoleni confirmed the first death due to dengue, since the start of the new season in our country. As detailed, it is a 19-year-old young man from the Department of Ñeembucú.

« It is important to mention that since November we have started the dengue epidemic again, » said the minister, highlighting that from that month on, some 200 notifications of feverish symptoms have been reported per week and that they are increasing in a sustained, slow and gradual manner in the last weeks.

Therefore, he reminded citizens that the elimination of breeding sites is the best strategy to prevent proliferation and the best mechanism to combat dengue and other mosquito-borne diseases.

« It is important to consult for feverish symptoms and remember to do so with greater urgency in the face of warning signs such as persistent fever, drowsiness or confusion, abdominal pain and bleeding, » he said.

Through the agreement with two companies, the country will receive the first doses for the first phase of vaccination of priority groups.

In less than a month, the country will already have the first 3,000,000 doses against the coronavirus and the arrival corresponds to the purchase made outside the COVAX Mechanism since it will provide another 4,300,000 vaccines between May and June, according to the announcement. made by Dr. Julio Mazzoleni, Minister of Health at a press conference.

Mazzoleni affirmed that agreements were closed with two companies regarding terms of purchase volume and prices and that other details will be released when the contracts are signed, while bilateral negotiations continue for what in total will be more than 7 million doses. that will be provided for the population.

He explained that the vaccines will be of viral vectors and inactivated viruses and the first to receive them will be the target personnel assigned to respiratory areas, therapies and covid rooms in the reference centers.

The vaccination registration will be done via the web through a platform that will register and identify people according to the priority group to be immunized and will report when and where they will receive the dose.

In total, there are 70 vaccination centers where the immunization will be carried out and both the transfer, distribution and safeguarding of the doses will be in charge of military personnel from the Army Command.

The Department of Adult Nephrology of the Hospital de Clínicas added two new hemodialysis equipment. With these acquisitions, they will provide better coverage for all patients who follow their treatments at said healthcare center, which during 2020 carried out more than 8,000 dialysis sessions.

After the acquisition of the two new dialysis equipment, there are a total of 19 machines available in the Nephrology Department, explained Lic. Hermenegildo Marecos, Enf. Head of Adult Nephrology.

« These new equipment help us, since with the pandemic our coverage was expanded in certain areas such as the Contingency room, respiratory blocks, as well as polyvalent and respiratory therapy, where we had to place our machines, » he said.

From the Hospital de Clínicas they highlighted that since the beginning of the pandemic, the Department of Adult Nephrology has not ceased its care and carried out more than 8,000 dialysis sessions during 2020.

They also mentioned that all dialysis machines must have preventive care and maintenance for proper operation, thus allowing patients to continue with all relevant studies.

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