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Life Cost

09 / Father / 21 21:33

Life Cost

Spurs legend Tim Duncan spoke about his style of play.

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Tim Duncan, a San Antonio Spurs legend in the NBA, stated in his podcast that teasing opponents is not part of his style of play.

Tim Duncan, who won five NBA championships with the San Antonio Spurs, spoke to The Ringer podcast and said he did not do trash-talk. Duncan said on the subject, “It wasn’t part of my play. When you continue what you do on the field and what they say has no effect on you, it affects them more and they get more angry. This was my style of play. Doing this was more in line with my game. ” He said his words.

Duncan also announced on the podcast that he expected to start his NBA career with the Boston Celtics jersey.

Tim Duncan had spent his entire NBA career with the Spurs. Duncan won 5 championships, 3 Finals MVPs, 2 regular season MVPs, and was named All-Star 15 times and All-NBA 15 times in his career.

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