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The system TecSalud from Tecnológico de Monterrey maintains an active participation in various research protocols that seek protect the population from Covid-19However, this is only part of the actions that the institution carries out in order to become an important participant in the international scientific community, said Guillermo Torre Amione, rector of the Medical Educational Institution.

He, too, vice president of research at Tec de Monterrey said that the strategy will be emphasized in the research and applied research processes, so it also they contemplate converting their hospitals (San José and Zambrano Hellion) in academic medical centers.

One of the most relevant protocols in which TecSalud participates is the one that it will carry out together with the German laboratory CureVac to test in two thousand volunteers from Monterrey, the vaccine against Covid-19.

“Bringing to Mexico a strategic relationship with CureVac, a technological breakthrough company it is an example of what we want to do today and what we are going to do in the near future ”

“A commitment of TecSalud for Mexico is to bring scientific innovation topics that give a real impact in the community. We are providing therapeutic strategies to a population that does not have them. We are helping to evaluate this platform for other infectious conditions, but also for other oncological and cardiovascular conditions. This is the type of scientific activity that we want to do ”, explained the expert.

Torre Amione highlighted that this is an example of how the country’s educational institutions can compete internationally and generate strategic relationships for the future.

“We believe in the importance of public-private collaboration, turning our hospitals into academic medical centers, because when we do that we give the patient a greater probability of having the best treatment and prevention opportunities in the future.”

He added that since the Covid-19 pandemic began, TecSalud has participated in various protocols in various areas; in the diagnostic phase they helped many tests or diagnostic kits to be approved by Cofepris; Risk assessment protocols were established with MIT using thermographic cameras.

“With the UNAM We have a collaboration for a new diagnostic kit for an antigen test that is in the process of being approved by INDRE. In the therapeutic field, we have made active intervention protocols both in molecules for seriously ill patients and for hospitalized patients, in the role of immunomodulation ”.

For his part, Servando Cardona, national director of clinical research at TecSalud mentioned that, in approximately two months, they will recruit volunteers who wish to participate in a protocol that seeks decrease the severity of the disease in high-risk patients.

“We are going to participate with him National Institute of Nutrition in other outpatient protocols in order to avoid hospital saturation at this time. There are different medications that will be tested, all of them phase 3, some in phase 2, in patients with mild, moderate or newly diagnosed Covid that range from medications, infusions or even sprays that are placed in the nasal passages to reduce the viral load , which until now we know as a potential form of contagion of the Coronavirus. Soon, and I mean in the next two months, we are going to start with this type of protocol and we will begin to recruit patients ”, he explained.

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