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Video game fans have reason to smile because they are enjoying PS5. The new Sony console has very interesting news that seek a new way of interacting with the environments. The DualSense remote becomes a tool for feel the most realistic video games than ever, so the virtues of the peripheral have overshadowed the other features of the console. Along with PS5, Sony has launched a series of products for get the most out since the first day. Even so, below we show you the best accessories for PS5 that you can get now.

It is true that you have the official PS5 accessories available. To take advantage of what the console can offer you will need something more like a gaming monitor, a external hard drive or prepaid PSN cards. Therefore, we have made a selection of products that will come in handy for any PS5 player to prepare a perfect play space. Due to the large design of the PlayStation 5, many users have had to recondition a place for the console, which should not be missing any accessories.

However, the DualSense remote is irreplaceable. This peripheral has technology of haptic feedback that replaces the classic vibration system. Thanks to this, it is possible to generate other vibrations in the back to feel the things that happen on the screen. The adaptive triggers work along the same lines and create resistance of different levels when interacting with weapons or the pedals of a car, it is even able to crash. In short, the controller has many possibilities for developers to take advantage of it in their games and has unique functions for PS5 games.

There are other cheap accessories that are worth it such as covers to customize the controller or to transport the console safely. There are also quite a few compatible charging stations with the DualSense. This way you can ensure that you do not run out of battery in the middle of a game. In any case, we share a selection of the best PS5 accessories that you should have and with which you will get a more complete experience.

The best accessories for PS5

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DualSense wireless controller

There is no other controller like DualSense and that is why we recommend that you use the official one. Surely in the future there will be more PS5 compatible models, but they won’t offer the same features as the DualSense. As we said before, the adaptive triggers of the control allow you to feel the resistance of a bowstring, simulating the action that occurs in the game.

Uses a USB type C cable to connect to the console and can be recharged in approximately 3 hours. In case you are interested, you can also use the DualShock 4 controller with PS4 games on PS5 console. Instead, PS5 games require the use of the DualSense wireless controller.


PlayStation 5 has not been with us for a month, but they are already available sleeves or drips for the sticks of direction. This little accessory is not only something aesthetic to personalize the controller, but can improve grip and therefore precision.

Case and drips for the DualSense controller

This silicone case is specially created for the DualSense design that covers it perfectly and includes up to 5 pairs of drips of different heights.

Colored covers for the DualSense controller

This silicone case also protects and offers better grip with a rough and non-slip surface. It is very easy to attach to the DualSense controller because it adapts to the shape perfectly. The pack includes 5 pairs of drips for the sticks with different designs and heights. The same model is available in many other colors such as black, red, green and other patterns.

DualSense Remote Case

Believe it or not, the case for the DualSense controller is a must. PS5 comes with only a launch DualSense controller. This means that to play FIFA 21 with your friends, each player should have his own command. This case is perfect for storing the DualSense controller or for transport it to a friend’s house where is the console. The case is well reinforced for protect peripheral and it has space to carry the charging cable, among other things.

Fitted case for DualSense controller

Another option is this protective case custom designed for the DualSense controller. This model conforms to the shape of the controller and protects from bumps and scratches. It includes a hand strap on the edge to hold it better, but it does not have space for anything else inside.

Charging station

PlayStation 5 has its own charging station for the DualSense controller. There are other cheaper models that meet their purpose, since you can charge the remote in just a few hours. Nobody likes to stay in the middle of a game, so it is better to have the controller ready to long hours of play. The charging station avoids keeping the console on to charge the controls.

Portable charging station

The first model we show you is one of the most simple and light. It is an elongated holder with two charging stations with a removable Type-C port that prevents the controller from being scratched every time it is connected to the charger. It has a color scheme very similar to the PS5 design and has light indicators to notify the state of the charge.

Portable charging station

This portable charger also has two horizontal type C connectors. In this way, the control is prevented from suffering with a more natural position. The design is very compact in black and white color like PS5. And it also includes blue LED lights to indicate charging status. Ensures battery charge at 3 or 4 hours approximately.

Gaming monitor

Much has been said about the resolution that PS5 will support, leaving out 1440p monitors. It is evident that the most recommended is to have a 4K television to take full advantage of the PS5’s performance. Even so, below we show you a pair of monitors specifically suitable for video games.

Gaming Monitor AOC 27G2U / BK

Not everyone has found a space in the living room for PS5, so you can find a smaller monitor with 1080p resolution like this. One of the most striking features of this monitor is that it has hardly any frame and takes advantage of all the space for the 27-inch screen. Have 144hz refresh rate and FreeSync technology for the highest frame rate. The height of this monitor is adjustable and has built-in speakers to enjoy surround sound.

Gaming Monitor AOC 27G2U / BK

This monitor Full HD measures 27 inches, it has a 144Hz refresh rate and it also has FreeSync technology for gaming graphics. It has a very ergonomic stand to adjust both the height of the monitor and the tilt and position. So it can also be placed vertically. The Shadow Boost function is capable of improve details in dark areas without overexposing the area, perfect for playing horror titles. It also minimizes delay and ensures sharper images.


The 3D audio is another of the novelties of PlayStation 5 that wants to take video games to another level. You can get the official PS5 headphones to improve the sound quality or at least enjoy it as it deserves. Or you can buy some cheaper helmets, since there is little stock of the first ones.

SteelSeries Arctis Wireless Headphones

These headphones are compatible with PS4 and PS5 with autonomy for 24 hours uninterrupted wirelessly, although there is also a wired model. Connects via USB type C cable and has a design based on the look of PS5. These headphones promise high-quality, lossless 2.4GHz sound to enjoy your favorite games.

Subsonic Wired Headphones

This model of headphones has a design similar to the official PS5 product, although it has a cable connection equipped with volume control and button to mute the microphone. It offers good stereo sound quality thanks to its 40mm speakers and padded surrounds for higher comfort. It is compatible with other platforms such as PC, Xbox One or PS4.

Gaming chairs

PC gamers are used to choosing a good chair to hold on long gaming sessions. It really is a very important complement when playing to keep your back in the better conditions possible. So this market has grown a lot in recent years to pay more attention to this aspect and that is why we recommend a couple of chairs below.

Newskill Takamikura gaming chair

Newskill is a very recognized brand that is dedicated to the commercialization of gaming products such as this chair, adapted to spend many hours in front of the console or computer. Have backrest and reclining seat made of plastic, metal base and 60 mm wheels with nylon finishes. This model has a trapezoidal cervical cushion and lumbar cushion rectangular to protect the most sensitive areas of the back. Includes instructions for easy assembly.

DX Racer 5 Robas Lund saddle

Although it does not recline as much as the previous chair, this model has an angle of 135 degree tilt. It is made with high-quality and resistant materials such as polyester and black nylon that also guarantee optimal comfort. The chair can be adjusted in both the height and the backrest or armrests to suit each person and includes two cushions in the cervical and lumbar area.


Much has been made of the design of the PS5 and Sony explained that its sheer size allows for a correct ventilation. This prevents the console from overheating which shortens its life cycle. In any case, it is still too early to say that any console gets the least bit hot when playing certain games. Cyberpunk 2077 will be a litmus test in the new generation. But there are already some models of PS5 compatible fans.

FYOUNG cooling fan

The curious and futuristic design of the PS5 has caused manufacturers to try to adapt their products to new hardware. Along these lines, FYOUNG has designed a fan very easy to install at the rear of the console. It is composed of 3 propellers and connects to it via USB port. It has a system to detect temperatures above 40 degrees, at which point it will automatically activate without having to press the power button. When the temperature returns to normal, it will stop working.

Cooling Fan Fxwj

Another option is this base to place the PS5 in a vertical position no need to use the circular supportas it fits perfectly. This base is made up of 2 fans, two charging stations for the DualSense controller and 14 spaces to order physical games. Have 3 central USB ports that allow the connection of other peripherals. and it is compatible with the standard version of PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition.


Many users share their great love for video games through streaming. The main platforms such as Twitch or YouTube accumulate millions of views thanks to this industry, since the most popular streamers play live. But this terrain is no longer exclusive to content creators with some relevance, but any user can start streaming with his captor and his webcam.

PS5 HD Camera

Sony has launched a camera compatible with PS5 with which you can show your reaction, while broadcasting all your games. This official peripheral has dual 1080p Full HD lenses and it has a background elimination system to avoid further distractions. Its built-in bracket design allows the camera to fit on the TV screen. However, if you are playing on PlayStation VR, this camera is not supported and you would have to use the PS4 camera with its corresponding adapter.

USB cables

The PS5 pack includes all the components you need for its correct installation. In other words, it also contains the HDMI and network cables. Those are practically irreplaceable, but to connect and charge the controller you use a USB type C cable which may be short. In that case, you have other options in any specialized store because these cables are standard and quite cheap.

AmazonBasics USB Type-C Cable

Amazon has this type of cable compatible with PS5 and other devices so that the controller never runs out of battery. If the cable that is included in the pack is not long enough to continue playing, you can try this one 3 meters long which has braided nylon lining that offers increased protection, resistance and flexibility. Offers up to 5Gbps of data transfer speed.

External SSD

One of the virtues of PS5 is its internal SSD with 825 GB of storage and 5.5 GB of speed. Thanks to this component, the data transfer speed which translates into better loading and unloading times. When transferring games from PS4 to PS5, we recommend that you do not occupy the internal SSD because PS5 games run from there. So you could need an external hard drive to save all your user data from previous games.

Crucial CT1000X8SSD9 1TB Portable SSD

This hard drive has a very compact and stylish with measures of 110 x 53 millimeters. It has 1TB capacity, compatible with Windows, Android, Linux, Mac operating systems and other consoles such as PS4 and Xbox One. However, it also contains a USB Type C to Type C cable with adapter Type C to USB A. The Crucial X8 runs up to 1.8 times faster than other portable SSDs and up to 7.5 times faster than portable HDDs.

2TB SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD

This device 2 TB of storage offers high-speed transfers of up to 550MB / s that allow you to quickly move high-resolution photos and videos. It’s made with water and dust resistant materials to protect it continuously, also from possible blows. In addition to the instructions for use, it includes the USB Type C to Type C cable with Type C to USB A adapter.

PSN prepaid cards

It may not be an accessory itself, but once you have the new Sony console you will want to get the most out of it. As you well know, PS5 is backward compatible with 99 percent of the PS4 catalog, so you can still download all games you want from PlayStation Store to enjoy now. Especially in the all-digital edition of the console, as it does not support physical games. Therefore, you can buy everything you want directly in the store or with these prepaid cards to have an available balance in the PlayStation Network wallet.

50 euro prepaid card

Using these cards is very easy as they provide a download code to redeem without using a credit card. The only thing you have to keep in mind is to activate it with the PlayStation Network user account with which you want to spend the money. This card is equivalent to 50 euros that will be added in the wallet funds to buy games, movies and even series.

20 euro prepaid card

You have more cards available worth up to 100 euros. This can be redeem for 20 euros and it is also perfect to gift someone to buy the game that they really like. That way you don’t risk being wrong and the other person can spend it quietly.

It is a matter of time before specialized companies launch more accessories compatible with PS5. At the moment you have a lot to choose from to take advantage of all the possibilities of the console and set up a game space totally adapted to your needs. You have already seen how important it is to maintain DualSense controller battery like having a cable long enough not to get stuck in the middle of a game. Choose the best accessories and enjoy your new console with all the guarantees. Of course, first we tell you how to put the PS5 on the base.

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