Technical analysis office: we solve your doubts about all types of market values

Our expert will analyze those values ​​and indices that you wonder about the most throughout the morning. Ask your questions about both national and international values ​​and we will offer you our vision.

Technical analysis

Do you have questions about the technical aspect of any of the securities in your portfolio? Do you want to know if it is time to add positions in the market or reduce risk? Do you have a value in mind to position yourself in the next few days? Our technical analyst Jose Maria Rodriguez (Web Financial Group) is happy to answer the most frequently asked questions.

Write your query to the following email ([email protected]) and throughout the day we will proceed to post an article with the analyzes that are most in demand or that enjoy the greatest interest based on the current market situation.


Note: Investment decision making must be done in a responsible manner and being aware of the risks that are assumed. Web Financial Group accepts no responsibility for the content and analysis of the practice. It is also noted that trading in the stock market involves a high risk and implies constant monitoring of the position.

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