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How did Sandra Barneda experience the moment when Diego saw Lola in ‘The Island of Temptations 3’?

As soon as the third edition of The Island of Temptations began, Lola felt attracted to Simone with whom she shared moments of confessions, knowing glances and a certain attraction. But, if the contestant repeated something over and over again, it was the comparisons between the Italian’s way of being and Diego’s, explaining that her boyfriend is very cold and distant and that she needs more affection. Despite everything, Lola regretted having been carried away and ended up settling her flirtation with the tempter, with whom she starred in an argument in the middle of a date. An attitude that had her boyfriend so puzzled that his own companions decided that he should be the one to enjoy the opportunity to see live images of what his partner was doing in the opposite village for ten minutes. – Melyssa Pinto, from ‘The island of temptations 2’, confirms that she has broken up with her boyfriend SEE GALLERY During that time as Diego’s “spy” in Villa Montaña, the Cantabrian could see his girlfriend crying and remembering him during a conversation with Lucía, in which she didn’t stop crying and remembering all the good things they had experienced together. A moment of tension that Sandra Barneda lived with the contestant, trying to ask him about how everything he had seen had affected him in order to open his heart. Such was the success of the presenter that Diego ended up recognizing, visibly affected, that he is “cold and vindictive” and that for this reason he has lost many dear people in the past. – Lola is outraged by Diego’s words but is committed to giving him another chance It was during The Debate of Temptations that Sandra Barneda emphasized how she lived in the first person this moment in which Diego faced the images completely nervous and how these made him reflect. “I see a nuance in his behavior because when I stay with Diego on the way to those 10 minutes that he sees, I believe that there is an evolution. He himself recognizes that he has been selfish, that he has spent things and that it costs him a lot forgive, “the journalist explained, trying to convey the intensity of the moment to the rest of the collaborators. “That for Diego was tremendous because it costs him a lot to open up, but he opened up. I was with him and saw him live,” Sandra Barneda settled. SEE GALLERY It will be in the next program in which it is verified how Lola’s repentance influences Diego’s behavior and his approach with Carla, since the contestant began to meet other girls for revenge after what he had seen in the first bonfire between Lola and Simone. On the other hand, what Diego still does not know is that his girlfriend spent the night with Carlos after having repented in the images that he had the opportunity to see. A swing of emotions that will lead the Cantabrian to request the first confrontational bonfire of this edition of The Island of Temptations. – Diego makes it clear what will happen to his dog if he breaks up with Lola in ‘The island of temptations’ – Carla, Diego’s favorite in’ The island of temptations’, starred in a discussion with Sofía Suescun – Lola, from ‘The island of temptations’, admits that he has feelings for someone who is not his partner

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