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Are you one of those who switched to Telegram to explore what this messaging application can offer you? If you have this messaging application but you miss WhatsApp, we will tell you a trick to change the appearance and make it look like this.

With this tip you can change the Telegram background to make it look like WhatsApp, or customize it in whatever way is your favorite. All you have to do is follow the steps below, so take note.

This way you can change the appearance of Telegram. Photo: Reform Steps to follow Download Telegram on your phone. Enter the chat and click on the three lines menu to access Settings. Choose the Settings section and find the function that says Chats. Choose your favorite color, either by default or upload a background from your image gallery. Adjust the contrasts and voila, in this way Telegram will have another appearance.

This Telegram tool is one of the reasons, among many others, why some users have decided to switch since WhatsApp does not have it. And it is that in a few weeks Telegram has gained more than 500 million new users, this as a result of the new terms and conditions that WhatsApp wanted to implement.

Differences of Telegram with WhatsApp

One of the most outstanding is that much of the information that Telegram handles is based on the cloud, which allows you to access your messages from different devices, even share more multimedia material than on WhatsApp.

Within Telegram you can open your account on several phones at the same time, including tablets and computers. Regarding data storage, in Telegram you are allowed to have an unlimited amount of music, photos, videos and files of all kinds, even music, with a limit of up to 2 gigabytes for each file.

Telegram’s data centers and encryption mean that the information processed through the messenger is sent and received faster and with a substantial superiority to WhatsApp in terms of security.

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