Teleworking, a “crash test” for company management

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This crisis is a real “crash test” for management. “We already knew the heads of departments and middle managers between a rock and a hard place, but this is very violent for them”, insists Emmanuel Charlot, administrator of the Federation of Interveners in Psychosocial Risks, FIRPS. “Most find it hard to manage from a distance, exhausting and not very rewarding. “ Between individual coaching and collective training actions, companies try to support them through external firms. “Be careful to think carefully about gestures of recognition, not to neglect career paths, promotions”, recalls Jean Pralong, psychologist.

And the professor of human resources management at EM Normandie to specify: “And we know that teleworking gives pride of place, not to the most competent, but to those who know how to put themselves forward … it …

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