Tennis : Kyrgios humiliates Coric again

Tennis :

Famous for his outspokenness, Nick Kyrgios has lived up to his reputation. He has once again fueled the pass of arms he is engaged in with the Croatian Borna Coric.

Since a certain exhibition tournament organized by Novak Djokovic in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, causing the contamination of several players in the circuit ATP, Nick Kyrgios did not hesitate to reveal the depths of his thoughts. In particular, he called the holding of this event irresponsible, and gave lessons in good conduct to several of his peers. Something inconceivable according to Borna Coric. A shame even … the “bad boy” of world tennis who lectures him.

After several virulent exchanges via social networks, the Australian gave a layer on Thursday. “Once again, joking about a global pandemic shows your champion level of maturity. It will be good to see you again next time, to see if the peanut instead of your brain has grown. Nick Kyrgios in the text.

And if Borna Coric has not (yet) responded to this provocation, it is obvious that the reunion between these two players promises to be very crisp. In view of the current situation and the complete shutdown of the ATP calendar, these are not on the agenda. As a reminder, their last clash turned to the advantage of the Croatian in Miami in March 2019.

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