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The United States is in an atmosphere of tense calm due to the potential for protests throughout the day throughout the country, but with the hope that the strong security system in Washington and in the capitals of the 50 states will prevent new episodes of violence.

The country is on high alert, due to the notice of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) about “armed protests” throughout the nation between this Saturday and Wednesday, January 20, when the president-elect of the United States, Joe Biden, will take office.

The clues detected by the FBI on social networks pointed to the possibility of a second assault on Congress after the one carried out on January 6 by radical followers of outgoing President Donald Trump, as well as state capitol buildings in the capitals of each state .

This Saturday there were small protests by Trump supporters in several states that did not lead to notable incidents, but most of the conversations on social networks pointed to demonstrations this Sunday.

However, some far-right activists have urged Trump supporters to stay home, claiming that the protests are a “trap” to accuse them of violent acts, reports The Washington Post.

State authorities have taken steps to fence or secure the capitols in every state, and they trust that this strong security device will deter protesters from engaging in any violent act.

Following the closure of thousands of their Twitter accounts and the blocking of the conservative social network Parler, extremist groups have begun to coordinate on encrypted messaging applications such as Telegram, which may have complicated attempts to organize forceful armed protests.


In Washington, a wide perimeter that occupies the entire center, including the Capitol, the White House and the esplanade known as the National Mall, is closed to the passage of pedestrians or vehicles, and will remain so until after Biden’s inauguration on Wednesday .

At least 10,000 reservist National Guard servicemen are already deployed in the US capital, and that number is expected to rise to 25,000 by Tuesday night, the eve of the inauguration.

That will make Biden’s inauguration the largest security deployment in US history, and the 25,000 servicemen expected in Washington will be five times the total 5,000 troops now deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan combined.

Kate Bedingfield, who will be Biden’s director of communication for the White House, said Sunday that it is important for Biden to swear his office in the open air, in front of the Capitol, as tradition dictates, to send the world a message about “resilience of American democracy ”.

“But we are in a volatile moment, and we are preparing. Tomorrow we will begin meeting with outgoing national security leaders and police forces to ensure that we prepare for any scenario that may occur after noon on January 20, “when Biden will become president, Bedingfield said in an interview with ABC News.

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