Terelu Campos’ claustrophobia forced to agree on a secret code to rescue her urgently in ‘Mask Singer’

The presenter, collaborator and actress Terelu Campos was the celebrity unmasked in the latest broadcast of Mask Singer, in which it was discovered that it was she who was under the disguise of Piglet.

Terelu has told how bad he had it wearing the costume, a huge outfit that “gave a lot of heat” and with whom he had a “fatal” time because of his claustrophobia, aggravated because “he hardly saw anything and thought he was going to give me a bit hos … And of course, that made me more claustrophobic, “he explained to Arturo Valls after the program.

In fact, it was the presenter who revealed that a secret code had to be agreed upon by if Terelu suffered a fit of claustrophobia and the recording had to be cut.

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“We had a code. The program manager told me that if little pig raised her hands it meant we had to stop because we had to urgently remove the mask “, revealed Valls, host of Mask Singer.

Terelu also said that for weeks he had to keep the secret of his participation. “My mother had no idea, she smokes a pipe. He told me ‘what you are doing, that you will know what it is, that I cannot find out …’, as annoying. She is the one who is most pissed off, “Terelu said.

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