Texas: dismissal of a dozen officers after a series of crimes on a military base – .

The US military revealed, Tuesday, December 8, that 14 officers, who held command positions at the base of Fort Hood in Texas, were dismissed following a case of several crimes.

Vanessa Guillen’s dismembered body discovered on June 30

The base of Fort Hood in Texas ended up acquiring a reputation as the most dangerous post in United States within theus army after the revelation of five alleged homicides in 2020. The latest victim was a soldier of only 20 years, Vanessa Guillen. The latter was reported missing on April 22 and her dismembered body was discovered on June 30.

The young victim, before her disappearance, told her family that she had been the victim of sexual harassment. She also told her relatives that she did not trust the military hierarchy to follow up on a complaint for sexual harassment.

For their part, Vanessa’s relatives have publicly expressed their doubts about the army’s determination to seriously investigate the disappearance of the soldier. On the day Vanessa’s body was found, Private Aaron David Robinson took his own life after being questioned by local police.

“The tragic death of Vanessa Guillen and a series of other problems at Fort Hood”

The detailed report on the situation in Fort Hood, ordered by Secretary of the Army Ryan McCarthy, led him to dismiss 14 officers, reports Le Figaro.

When presenting the report’s findings, this senior official said: “The tragic death of Vanessa Guillen and a series of other problems at Fort Hood have forced us to take a critical look at our systems, our policies and ourselves. “ He also added that: “It’s not about numbers, but about being able to have enough human decency to show compassion to our teams and to look after the best interests of our soldiers.”

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